Star Spotting: Beyonce And Jay-Z Being Perfect At The U.S. Open

Credit: Splash News

Beyonce and Jay-Z are soaking up all the alone time they can get before their HIP-HOP ROYALTY BABY (!!) arrives. The cutest couple in the WORLD are embracing the importance of QT, because within a couple of months their time will be fully devoted to diaper changes and a whole lotta peek-a-boo. Okay, they'll probably hire someone for the gross diaper thing. We would.

The "'03 Bonnie & Clyde" singers were snapped at the U.S. Open Men's Tennis Final and it looks like -- per usual -- they look so crazy in love. Jay-Z sported his standard dark shades, a dapper button-down, and bling in the form of the slickest watch known to man. Meanwhile, Bey's pregnancy glow's in full force mimicking the sparkle coming from the MONSTER diamond on her finger. It's not enough for these two to win the (unofficial) "Best Marriage In Hollywood" award, but they've also taken first place in our imaginary "Best Accessories Worn To A Tennis Match" competition. Take note: Preppy sweaters tied around the neck can TAKE A WALK.

Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby is seriously the luckiest baby in the world. With his/her parents' looks and swag, this kid's genes are going to run the world (LOL). Is it weird to be jealous of an unborn child?