New Video: Anna Calvi, 'Suzanne And I'

Credit: Getty

Anna Calvi is causing quite a stir in her hometown of London. She's already been likened to greats such Patti Smith and was included on this year's BBC Sound of 2011 list (FYI, that's a huge deal across the pond). Calvi's voice is unique, and opposed to other female singers, this bombshell rocks a deep bass that almost kinda, sorta, a liiiitle bit sounds like a dude. But that's the best part.

We first told you about Anna when her video "Blackout" was the Indie Music Month feature back in March. Today we bring you the latest in the form of her new video, "Suzanne and I."  Filmed in Paris by Romain Chassaing, the video features a retro-looking Calvi strumming her electric guitar as a professional dance troupe does some interpretive modern dance behind her. She's British. They're quirky, okay?

Choreographed by Lionel Hoche, the troupe is decked in head-to-toe flowy dance gear as they move in unison to the beat of the song. There's some beautiful Pas De Deux action going on (look at us with our dancer lingo!) in addition to some Olympic style figure skating flips and twirls. Consider this your artsy ish for the day, guys.

The somber video is right in line with the melancholy tone of the song, but one thing is missing from Anna Calvi's "Suzanne And I" clip: Suzanne! Where you at, girl?

+ Watch Anna Calvi's "Suzanne and I."