PHOTOS: Behind The Scenes Of Kelly Clarkson's 'Mr. Know It All' Video!

Credit: Picture Group

As you might remember, we had a legit flip-out when Kelly Clarkson's new single "Mr. Know It All" was released. Today we almost reached our flip-out quota for the week when we caught a glimpse of some AMAZING pics of Kelly behind the scenes on the song's official video shoot. Oh, and we also just freaked over deets of Kelly's Stronger album track list. One more outburst and we're majorly teetering on our limit.

While there's no word on an actual plot line or story, from what we can tell, the Justin Francis-directed clip (Alicia Keys, Timbaland, Weezer, Young The Giant) will include parts about Kelly looking gorgeous while leaning against a patterned wall. And... that's all we really need, guys! Based on the song's lyrics, we might assume that Kel gets into a fight with a guy, calls him a "know-it-all" and moves on to find someone better, hotter, richer, and probably taller. But if that doesn't happen and it's just one of those vanity videos (cough, cough, J. Cole's "Can't Get Enough"), we're totally okay with that.

Whatever the plot line may be, we already know we'll be digging on "Mr. Know It All." I mean, look at Kelly in these pix -- EN. FUEGO.

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