New Song: Tony Bennett And Mariah Carey, 'When Do The Bells Ring For Me'

Credit: Getty Images

Tony Bennett, you are literally rocking our WORLD right now. First, you collaborated with the late Amy Winehouse, then the amazing Carrie Underwood, then "Bride" Lady Gaga, and today, Mariah EFFING Carey. Mariah + Tony = two LIVING LEGENDS on one record = OMFG!!!!

"When Do The Bells Ring For Me" is slated to appear on Tony's Duets II album, and it's a light, romantic ballad which perfectly caters to both Mariah and Tony's vocal strengths. While we're a little sad not to hear Mrs. Nick Cannon's typical powerhouse pipes, we can assume that the light and airy tone we get on this record was a conscious effort to match Tony's classic croon. As was the case with Gaga, Underwood and Winehouse, Mariah sounds like a classically trained Broadway vocalist on the track, and we're not mad at that one bit. Together they're in sync as they sing in two-part harmony: "When do the bells ring for me?" Your bells rang, lady! You have more money than Oprah (okay, maybe not Oprah) and you just had twins, bb girl.

To hear Tony Bennett sing alongside Carrie, Amy, Gaga, Mariah and many more, check out Duets II when it drops September 20.

+ Listen to Tony Bennett and Mariah Carey's "When Do The Bells Ring For Me," and watch Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse's "Body And Soul" video below.