New Song: Demi Lovato Featuring Missy Elliott And Timbaland, 'All Night Long'

Credit: Getty Images

ZOMG! This is the best news we've heard in a hot sec! First she goes all emotional and poignant on us with her chill-inducing song "Skyscraper" and now, Demi Lovato collabos on a hot new club banger with Missy Elliott and Timbaland? We thought we couldn't love her any more!

Slated to appear as the first track on her forthcoming Unbroken album, "All Night Long" features thumping club beats by Timbaland and blazing rhymes by Missy Elliott. Oh, and Demi's singing on the record too (obvs) and she sounds AHHHH-mazing! Showing off a side to her vocals that we haven't yet seen, Demi goes 100-percent pop on this record and at some points, her voice is even unrecognizable. She sounds all mature all bad-ass as she sings: "Don't make plans, come home with me, we'll stay up all night long/I want you in, I want you bad/Lets keep the party going all night long" ...but that's just to watch some Dawson's Creek re-runs, riiiight?

Next comes Missy, and you and I both know that Ms. Elliott doesn't just make a cameo on any old record. In fact, her appearances these days are so few and far between that we should probably write like, a thank you note to Demi for providing us with some new Missy tuneage. Even Timbaland is revved about his new collaboration, tweeting, "ms + + urs truly = ur gonna want to click that link while it lasts!" Trust us guys, he is VERY RIGHT.

+ Listen to Demi Lovato featuring Missy Elliott and Timbaland, "All Night Long," and watch Demi discuss "All Night Long."