Star Spotting: Britney Spears Hates Waiting For Taxis At The Airport, Too

Credit: Splash News

Ugh, I so feel Britney Spears in this pic! The other day I was at the airport (LGA if you must know), and I had to stand in the taxi line for like 25 minutes! It sucked! And it was raining! And I had no snacks on me! But after seeing this photo of Brit arriving to London's Heathrow airport, I felt a lot better about my impatience. It turns out that waiting for a cab at the airport (or super fancy car service, in Brit's case) is universally loathed.

Britney and her boyfriend Jason Trawick along with manager Larry Rudolph were snapped outside of Heathrow yesterday, and while I'm not totally sure they were waiting for their car, what else would make Britney give the guy in front of her the side-eye like that? (Which, by the way, is PRICELESS.)

Everyone knows how it goes -- you get off of that smelly, stuffy plane after a grown woman wearing a Hello Kitty birthday pin falls asleep on you (true story) and then you have to wait for your stupid luggage and then you have to find out where the H you're going and then you have to wait for some stranger in a car to take you there? Traveling, guys, amirite? #firstworldproblems