Buzz Bites (9/15/11): Ke$ha Talks Watch Line, Discusses Her Look And More

Credit: Getty Images

+ Ke$ha has designed a Casio Baby G watch line! Yesterday she talked about the collab and much more, for instance what inspires her look: "Today I wanted to look like a superhero...with a really accurate sense of time." (ONTD)

+ Wait, did someone say Kanye West, Rhymefest, Kim Kardashian and a puppet made a TV pilot together? Who didn't green light this? Luckily, the failed "Alligator Show"'s director made a video of clips. Warning: the puppet gets naughty. (Pitchfork)

+ OK, how many (fill-in-the-blank)-ing memes are gonna make the rounds this year? Apparently fridging's hot (or cool) after Nicki Minaj was snapped inside a refrigerator for Glamour. Das Racist's Heems and Snooki have followed suit. (Rolling Stone)

+ So the Britney Spears "Criminal" artwork that mysteriously spread through the interwebz is confirmed to be official. There's also a still uncomfirmed "Criminal" video treatment that hit the 'net. (MTV News)

+ Happy one year anniversary, "RapFix"! To celebrate, G-Unit's Lloyd Banks, Maino and Jim Jones joined the party last night. Peep vid and photos here. (MTV News)