Video Premiere: J. Cole Featuring Trey Songz, 'Can't Get Enough'

After we teased you with the sneak peek this afternoon of J. Cole's newest video "Can't Get Enough" featuring Trey Songz (with a Rihanna cameo), we're happy to continue the party with the full-length premiere. Shot in Barbados and directed by Clifton Bell, "Can't Get Enough" is basically a full-day beach bash, and we ain't mad at it.

J. Cole says filming "Can't Get Enough" was "a fun experience," and we can certainly see the fruits of his very intensive labor paying off in the clip (that was sarcasm). All the party video staples are in place: bikini-clad women, slo-mo dancing, a beach bonfire and of course, a boat! And... that's basically all there is to report, folks. J. Cole even says so himself: "There's no concept or story line whatsoever. It’s just mad sun, beaches and beautiful women. It’s just all beautiful visuals and fun." Though, we should mention the Rihanna cameo -- she's smoking a cigar and dancing at the bonfire. IN SLOW MOTION. Again, not mad at it.

"Can't Get Enough" is the second single off of J. Cole's debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story, due out Sept. 27.

+ Watch J. Cole featuring Trey Songz, "Can't Get Enough."