Star Spotting: Rihanna Brings Sophistication To Dinner

Credit: Pacific Coast News

We're guessing Rihanna's closet must be GIGANTIC because, lately girl has been pulling every look in the book! There was the tomboy digs a few days ago and the automobile vixen for Armani before that. All these accessories take storage space! Who are we kidding, she's RiRi -- she probably has closets with their own ZIP code. #livingthedream

The "California King Bed" singer continued her fashion evolution by sporting some serious vintage sophistication while grabbing dinner a few evenings ago, and -- what a shock -- she looked absolutely stunning. She worked a chic bun, tailored top/pant combo, crisp jacket and a Fendi clutch that she carries all like, "Oh, this gem? I just found it chilling behind my old tennis racket in the back of my closet." While the rest of us find out-of-season flip-flops in the depths of our storage places, Rihanna finds Fendi.

She tops off the attire with her signature "I can match anything with this red" lipstick. We're not going to lie: Rihanna could wear a plastic garbage bag and still look flawless. The way she's been pulling off this whole "fashion chameleon" thing lately, we wouldn't be surprised if that was the next look she attempted.