New Song: Afrojack Featuring Paris Hilton, 'Good Time'

Credit: WireImage

We'll admit it: We know every single world to Paris Hilton's 2006 hit "Stars Are Blind," and sort of didn't hate it as much as we were supposed to. We're not lobbying for it to win a Grammy or anything, but let's just say we're always open to checking out an heiress-sung pop song... or two.

Which brings us to Paris Hilton's latest foray into music, "Good Time" (segues!). The track comes to us via Dutch DJ/producer Afrojack. Though we were initially skeptical of Paris' desire to be the next "House Music Queen," the heiress has been seen around town with super-famous house music producers David Guetta and Deadmau5, so we have to believe something is up. Adding fuel to the fire, during his DJ set at the Sun City Music Festival in El Paso last week, Afrojack premiered this unfinished demo of his collabo with Paris. "It's so new, it's not even finished yet," Afrojack explained as he debuted the lo-fi recording. Though it's kind hard to make out, it sounds like Paris is singing, "Are you having a good time?/'Cause I'm having a good time/And I might be a bit tipsy/But that's okay 'cause you're with me." Yep, sounds like an extremely plausible theme for Paris Hilton.

In case you're still not convinced Paris is getting into house music, she tweeted about her recording experience with the DJ: "Good times with @DJAfrojack last night. Love Mallorca! So fun!" Fame must be so fun.

+ Listen to a preview of Afrojack featuring Paris Hilton, "Good Time."