10 Things To Know Now: Justin Timberlake's Political, Justin Bieber Breaks Records, Jordin Sparks Acts

Credit: Getty Images

1.) Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Adele are just a few singers recently announced as "Guinness Book Of World Record" champs, winning awards for new categories such as "Most Hits on YouTube." Meanwhile we'll just keep working on breaking the "biggest rubber band ball" record. (MTV News)

2.) Justin Timberlake takes a political stance while posing for the cover of October's W Magazine. This isn't the first time JT's been portrayed as president. Talk about rocking the vote! (MTV Style)

3.) "American Idol" winner Jordin Sparks will pair up with Whitney Houston for a film based on the story about The Supremes,"Sparkle." All you "Dream Girl" lovers looking for your next fix, this one's for you! (Huffington Post)

4.) Snooki, the queen of the "Jersey Shore" faux glow, takes infamous CNN commentator Anderson Cooper for a spray tan. And that's how major news coverage gets done. (Get it?!) (MTV Remote Control)

5.) Chris Brown shows his fans some love -- via personal lap dances! The singer's "F.A.M.E" tour has officially kicked off, and it looks like T-shirts aren't the only souvenirs at the show. (That Grape Juice)

6.) If your hobbies involve quoting Miss Universe commentators and cats, then we may have just found your heaven. (BuzzFeed)

7.) If the recent snippet of Kelly Rowland's upcoming "Lay It On Me" video wasn't enough to hold you over, MORE behind-the-scenes footage has been released. Brace yourselves: These clips include elephants. (Rap-Up)

8.) While Joe and Nick Jonas seem to be busy dominating the spotlight, the "quieter" JoBro Kevin, still made time to make a cameo on the red carpet alongside his wife at the "I Don't Know How She Does It" movie premiere. Say it with me: "Aww!" (Just Jared)

9.) Tyra Banks wrote a book and, no, it's not about smizing. The model-turned-judge-turned-author released her first novel "Modelland" yesterday. It's a story about beautiful models that live on a mountain top. Quite the stretch. (Hollywood Crush)

10.) Glee's on the hunt for ANOTHER male hottie to join the cast. Singers, actors and people equally as adorable as Darren Criss need apply. (Entertainment Weekly)