ZOMG!! 'Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson' Book Cover Unveiled!

Credit: Grand Central Publishing

The holidays came early this year, kids, because here is the cover of Mother Monster's new book, Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson. But no really, the holidays actually better come like, tomorrow because someone needs to buy me this book!

Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson is Jo Calderone's Nymph's Bride's Lady Gaga's latest creative endeavor with celeb photog Terry Richardson, and it features 350 photos (both color and black and white) of the The Lady taken during a 10-month period. In case you're unfamiliar, Terry Richardson is the photog/GENIUS behind shots like Beyoncé's insanely incredible bejeweled turban moment, Katy Perry's Rolling Stone candy kisses cover and that shockingly normal and de-glittered Ke$ha shot we were all so stunned by.

While we're not sure of the kind of photos that'll be included in the book, Gaga has said she was completely open and let Terry photograph her at any and all times (!!!). So, knowing Gaga, that probably means we'll be privy to images of her picking out her 30,000 wigs for the week, chillin' with Jean Paul Gaultier, dressing like Jo and halfway making out with Britney Spears. In other words, BEST BOOK EVAR!

Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson is slated for release Nov. 22 and literally, THAT DATE CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH. Let's tart a petition for early release!!!!!