PHOTO: Katy Perry Is Insanely Hot On The Cover Of 'Cosmopolitan' Australia

Credit: Cosmopolitan Australia

Katy Perry looks beyond unbelievable on the cover of Cosmopolitan Australia, so we've come to the conclusion that SHE'S NOT HUMAN. In fact, we think she's what we like to call a "Beauty-Bot" or an always-impeccable-looking robot who pretends to be a famous human pop star. That's really the only explanation we can live with, because if Katy is a real, live human, then we should all just stop trying right now. 'Cause she wins. FOREVER.

On the cover of Aussie Cosmo, Katy sports a smokin' hot red crop top with a skintight black pencil skirt. Her hair is dyed back to black and she's rocking some Angelina Jolie-caliber red lips. Inside the issue, Katy opens up about her on-tour diet (no spicy foods or coffee!), her spontaneous personality (if she could, she'd travel somewhere new every day!), and her thoughts on "Glee" (obvs, she loves it). Katy also takes the famous "Cosmo Quiz" and via her responses we've learned she'd most like to duet with John Mayer, her biggest style icon is Bettie Page and the most "daredevil stunt" she's ever pulled was getting engaged to her hubby, Russell Brand! (Looks like that one paid off, gurl). Oh, and Katy also feels the sexiest when she's wearing skintight "latexy" things(?). Listen, if we looked like Katy we'd prolly only wear latex too. WERQUE.