Lady Gaga Goes Topless (!!!) In Second 'Haus of Ü' Fashion Film

Credit: Getty Images

If you thought Jo Calderone was Lady Gaga's only other alter ego, then think again, my friends. In the first installment of her five "Haus of Ü" fashion films, Gaga became "Nymph," a fairy-like dancer girl. Today as the second installment "Haus of Ü ft. Bride" is unveiled, Gaga assumes yet another persona, "Bride," or at least we think. Taking to her Twitter account to share the news, Gaga tweeted: "Haus of Ü presents another 'Yoü and I' FASHION FILM By: INEZ+VINOODH… Get ready little monsters! It’s a good one!”

And she wasn't kidding -- we think we like the second installment better than the first. There's more wig throwing, clothes ripping and lip pouting (trust us, we counted)! As "Yoü And I" plays in the background, the black-and-white film shows Gaga in the same black suit, arm piece and headgear (or whatever that is) she wears in the original vid. As she twirls around, we can't get a clear read on her emotions. At certain times shes looks euphoric, and at other times it's like she's just broken up with the love of her life. But that's probably why we like this video so much. It's confusing, yet totally relatable.

The fashion flick also features who we think are real-life fans mimicking Mother Monster's moves and facial expressions (PAWS UP!). Oh, and we should warn you: Parts of this vid are def NSFW: Gaga goes topless. But it wouldn't be a Lady Gaga video if you could watch it with your boss, now would it?

+ Watch Lady Gaga's "Haus of Ü ft. Bride" fashion film. (NSFW)