Star Spotting: Beyonce And Solange Are Definitely The Raddest Sisters Ever

Credit: Splash News

Beyoncé and Solange were seen leaving the Rodarte fashion show at NYC's Lincoln Center yesterday, and all eyes were on them. But how could they not be? LOOK AT THEM. Beyoncé's rocking some kind of half Victorian lady/half backup dancer thing (AND THE SHOES! SHE'S PREGNANT, REMEMBER!?), while Solange has the '60s throwback thing on lock.They have all the generations covered.

I'm pretty sure there exists no cooler sisters than these two. And they both have different parts of the cool game on lock. Beyoncé's holding down the "I'm married to Jay-Z and I'm pregnant with the world's most anticipated baby" game, while Solange is like "I can literally do anything with my hair and wear anything I want. Oh, and did you see me in the new Chromeo video 'When The Night Falls?' " indie cool. Mama Knowles should really consider putting some of her DNA on eBay or something.