Song Premiere: Cody Simpson, 'Not Just You'

While some of you might not know who Cody Simpson is yet, more than a million people on Twitter do, so consider this your official invite to the bandwagon. The Australia native began playing guitar at the age of 7 and wrote his first song soon after that. With some encouragement from his parents, Cody began posting YouTube videos of his covers of songs such as Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River" and Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours." Thanks to a little label magic, Simpson signed to Atlantic Records last year, and his second EP, Coast To Coast, will be out this month. Thank you, the internet!

Today Buzzworthy's bringing you the official premiere of Cody Simpson's latest song, "Not Just You." From his background to his vocal quality, the Justin Bieber comparisons are unavoidable, but listen! It's clear on this adorable, melancholy slow jam that Cody is a talent in his own right. At only 14, Cody already has seven years of musical experience under his belt, and from the sounds of it, he's experienced in the ways of romance as well: "Baby, it's not just you/You know it hurts me, too/Watching you leave with tears on your sleeve/Don't you notice that mine aren't exactly dry?" BRB, trying to erase harsh junior high memories while simultaneously crushing on Cody (in a legal way!!!).

Cody Simpson's forthcoming EP Coast To Coast, featuring "Not Just You," is out Sept. 20.

+ Listen to Cody Simpson's "Not Just You."