New Video: Evanescence, 'What You Want'

After a 20-month hiatus from the world of performing, Evanescence returned last month to perform their new single, "What You Want," from the band's much-anticipated comeback album, Evanescence on "MTV First: Evanescence." Today the band released the official video for the song, and it's sure to leave fans ready for more.

Shot in New York and directed by Meiert Avis (U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name"), "What You Want" leads us through a virtual time machine of Evanescence's history. From their early days of small club performances to sweeping views of the New York City skyline, lead singer Amy Lee takes us through Evanescence's rise to fame as somber shots of her walking solo down the Brooklyn Bridge are interspersed between the flashbacks. At the end of the clip, Amy jumps off of the bridge and falls to a safe landing, where the rest of the band meets her to march off together in their metaphorical new musical direction. Rock videos + themes = the only kind of math I like.

Fans will note a decidedly harder sound on the track but a standard booming Evanescence chorus is still present on "What You Want": "Hello, hello, remember me?/I'm everything you can't control." You jump off bridges and survive, Amy. We're pretty sure you're the one in control here.

"What You Want" is the lead single off of Evanescence's third album, Evanescence. The band will kick off a 15-city North American tour this October in Oakland, California.

+ Watch Evanescence's "What You Want" video.