Video Preview: Patrick Stump Featuring Lupe Fiasco, 'This City'

Credit: Getty

Things can get a little dicey when a frontman tries to go solo. But as huge fans of both Fall Out Boy and lead singer Patrick Stump, we're pretty sure that this tale of "Frontman Goes Solo" is headed toward a happy ending.

Today we bring you a video preview of Patrick Stump's first single, "This City," off his forthcoming album Soul Punk, out Oct. 18. To help him on his ode to his hometown Chicago, Patrick has called on rapper and fellow Chicagoan Lupe Fiasco. This isn't Lupe and Patrick's first joint effort -- the two collaborated years ago when Stump produced Fiasco's song "Little Weapon." Now, Lupe returns the favor in a big way.

In "This City," we see a dapper-looking Stump snapping and dancing his way through the chorus. Right off the bat, dude is super happy and excited to be singing about his hometown (What up, Chi-town!): "This city/Is my city/Ya, I love it, I love it/I was born and raised here/I had it made here." We see photos of Chicago building facades and street lights tinted by grainy camera filters, as well as a few black-and-white vanity shots of Patrick, which we're not mad at one bit.

While Patrick Stump's "This City" preview doesn't offer much of a storyline except for "Here's me in a suit singing about Chicago," we don't actually care. Stump is solo, and we love it.

+ Preview Patrick Stump's video "This City," featuring Lupe Fiasco.