Jennifer Lopez Is Kind Of A Crazy Driver In Her New Fiat Commercial

Credit: Getty Images

When Jennifer Lopez isn't causing pandemonium in the club, she takes it to the streets. The "American Idol" judge recently joined forces with Italian car company Fiat and like any successful business tycoon, homegirl kills two birds with one stone in her first commercial: She promotes her single "Papi" AND she's making that mad endorsement paper. How convenient!

The commercial shows men ravaging the streets after catching a glimpse of J. Lo driving the itty-bitty car (she drives it CRAZILY, BTW). Dudes dive into oncoming traffic, motorcycles pop wheelies in the air and one guy even jumps on the hood of her coup to get closer. Finally, surrounded by the slew of lovestruck studs, she surrenders and does what any right-minded diva would do: jump out of the sunroof and start dancing? And it's mysteriously choreographed? Um, sure! We'll go with it.

While most of the guys in the commercial are fawning over J. Lo, we don't doubt that a few are actually going nuts over that sexy car she's sporting. It's seriously SO ADORABLE! Not sure if I'd cause quite the scene behind the wheel of my own, though. #drivingwhilewearingpajamas

+ Watch Jennifer Lopez's Fiat commercial.