New Video: Joe Jonas, 'Just In Love'

Credit: Getty Images

After several teasers that were enough to make us pull our hair out with anticipation, the clouds have parted and Joe Jonas finally released the full version of his new video, "Just In Love." And we're happy to say it does not disappoint! There are several kissing shots! And shirtless shots! And a bathtub shot!!!! I said A BATHTUB SHOT. (BRB, dead.)

"Just In Love" is your standard love story music video, if your standard love story includes Joe Jonas and a French model frolicking all over Paris, wearing really expensive clothes and never having to go to work. The couple, who in real life isn't actually in love (AT LEAST THEY BETTER NOT BE), is seen doing super-romantic things all over the most romantic city in the world -- dancing down the avenues at night, sipping coffee in cafes while wearing sunglasses, and spraying each other with squirt guns while SITTING IN A BATHTUB. I'm probably not the only one that audibly gasped when I saw this part of the video, but according to Joe, he and the model were not naked: "No, I'm not naked and she's not naked... but I think it's a little bit...older than anything I've done before." I don't know, Joe. Pretty sure people don't wear clothes in a bathtub.

But alas, you know how love stories go -- one minute you're driving around France in an antique sports car and the next they're never replacing the toilet paper roll. In other words, Joe and his leading lady part ways, and all they have left are the memories of THAT BATHTUB SCENE OMG their torrid love affair. You can cry on our shoulder, Joe. We also have a bathtub, just FYI.

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