New Song: Enrique Iglesias Featuring Pitbull, 'I Like How It Feels'

Credit: PictureGroup

When they team up, Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull produce anthemic, stadium-size pop records. Latest case in point: their new jam "I Like How It Feels." Produced by Lady Gaga's pal and go-to studio man RedOne, the song is backed by a simple yet strong track masterfully crafted for club success. In his sexy accent-tinged voice, Enrique claims, "It's my time/I can do what I like/For the price of a smile/I got a ticket to ride." He then goes on to repeat (many times) the song's overarching message: "You know I like how it feels." And then, there is whistling!

Pitbull chimes in toward the end, and after a close listen, it's clear Pit is mainly concerned with getting those dolla dolla bills: "What y'all consider the best, I consider mediocre/I want my bank account like Carter Slim's, or at least a mini-Oprah." We have a sneaky suspicion Pitbull can totes get to mini-Oprah status once this song reaches No. 1. He can thank the whistling!

“I Like How It Feels” can be found on the upcoming repackaged version of Iglesias’ album Euphoria, due out in November.

+ Listen to Enrique Iglesias featuring Pitbull, "I Like How It Feels."