Star Spotting: Lady Gaga's In A See-Through Dress Again, Obvs

Credit: Pacific Coast News

Lady Gaga recently announced she'd be art directing a five-film fashion project, "Haus of Ü," and she dropped the first installment a couple weeks ago. The video showed her portraying a new alter ego, Nymph, a fragile, fairy-like character that makes the original Mother Monster seem more like Marilyn Manson. And actually, Gaga plays "perfect little angel" really well. We even started to fall for it!

Well, girl played us like a piano because the "Yoü And I" singer was snapped while strutting in a black lace frock in NYC this weekend, and in a shocking twist of events, her dress was completely see-through! (That was a joke, guys.) Maybe this is Nymph's evil identical twin, Lacey? (Puns!) Or perhaps Gaga's on her way to film the next installation of her fashion project where the feisty black outfit takes on the airy fairy? Or maybe Gaga's working on the next chapter in her comic book career? Good vs. Evil! Dark vs. Light! Other stuff you learn in English class, etc.!