Song Premiere: Never Shout Never, 'Silver Ecstasy'

Credit: Kevin Deems

Never Shout Never's brand-new song, "Silver Ecstasy," makes me think someone's been hitting the vinyl hard, and the title of his upcoming new album, Time Travel (Sept. 20), pretty much confirms that Christofer Drew and his band are taking us on a journey into the past. Both the album and the song, which we're premiering exclusively on Buzzworthy -- feel like a rare gem unearthed from a dusty thrift store crate.

"Silver Ecstasy" is a retro trip back to a long-ago land of our musical forebears, specifically the Beatles. And not everyone can reference The Beatles. Well, a lot of people can, but few have succeeded where Drew and his bandmates do when the song opens with sparse, layered harmonies that evoke the Beatles' "Because." "Silver Ecstasy" gives way to Queen-like vocal theatrics, and there are even shades of a little Panic At The Disco, to make matters a little more modern. It's 2011, after all.


Lest you fear "Silver Ecstasy" is simply retro pastiche, cowriter and drummer/guitarist Caleb Denison gave us a little insight into the song's genesis: "What inspired the song is a love that is greater than anything I've ever experienced. When Chris titled the song, he titled it 'Silver ecstasy.' It fit. Silver being the beautiful color that is, and ecstasy being what it is, it just had a 'ring' to it. Other than that, we took the song and all started throwing our two cents in, and the rest is way too crazy to be 'on the record'...."

"Silver Ecstasy" doesn't have a clear structure. It's just a climbing, clinging, swelling and swooning kaleidoscopic affair that dramatically veers into frenzied fits and shimmer spurts until it all culminates into the kind of song you hope never ends.

Time Travel is out Sept. 20. Catch Never Shout Never on the Time Travel tour now and stay tuned for exclusive performances from Never Shout Never's Webster Hall performance.

+ Listen to Never Shout Never's "Silver Ecstasy."