WATCH: JoJo Takes Us Behind The Scenes On Her Tour

Credit: Getty Images

In honor of JoJo's comeback tour, "The Other Chick" singer has decided to give fans a sneak peek of what really goes down behind the scenes. With her new single "Disaster" as the soundtrack, the inside look starts in Boston on day one of JoJo's monthlong expedition.

In addition to looking supercute in a winter hat (Who cares that it's still hot outside? Fashion!), we see JoJo making herself at home on her tour bus as she chills with friends on her drive through MA. We see some intimate shots of a strong and confident JoJo power-strutting from her dressing room straight on to the stage, where hundreds of waiting fans basically flip their collective ish when she appears. JoJo also manages to do the rocker headbang thing like eight times while in bazillion-inch stiletto heels -- so impressed, girl.

Once JoJo's done with the show, she leaves the venue -- her makeup is still perfectly applied??! -- only to be greeted by a line of about 800 fans waiting to hug, talk and take obligatory TwitPics with the singer. JoJo spends time with each and every one and then casually hops back on her tour bus to do it all again the next day. Pops stars: actually nothing like us.

+ Watch JoJo's behind-the-scenes tour video.