PHOTO: Beyoncé Rocks A Turban HARD In 'House Of Deréon' Campaign

Credit: House Of Deréon/Terry Richardson

When's Hanukkah again? I'm literally DYING for a turban. I never thought I'd say that, but the bejeweled turban Beyoncé is rocking in the new House Of Deréon campaign is just so effing Sasha Fierce that I'm going to need one just like it immediately.

In case y'all didn't know, House Of Deréon is the fashion line codesigned by Beyoncé and her stylist/mama Tina Knowles. Yep, the same mama who was the mastermind behind all the amazing, color-coordinated Destiny's Child ensembles.

While most of the new Deréon campaign was shot by Tony Duran, the photo above was snapped by famed photog Terry Richardson. And because she's obviously a beauty-bot, (now preggo!) Beyoncé is looking all kinds of amazing. Aside from that unreal turban, the new Deréon line features a strappy beige bandage dress, some sort of feather encrusted shawl, and sky-high lizard-print platform heels. So I'm wondering, WILL MY LEGS LOOK AS LANKY AND TONED IF I GET THE SHOES? Must inquire with customer service!!!

In other campaign images, we see Beyoncé hawking an aqua zip-up lizard-print hoodie ('cause why not?), granny-style high-rise satin panties (?), and lace thigh-highs, because every normal girl needs a pair of those. Oh, and there's also what appears to be a black Timberland construction boot-inspired open-toe heel. Try saying that three times fast.