Primus Return With 'Green Naugahyde,' Their First Album in 8 Years!

Credit: Getty Images

'90s funk-rock group Primus never quite reached the same levels as their more grunge-oriented peers, but the band's warped sense of humor, fractured rhythms and virtuosic playing made albums like 1991's Sailing the Seas of Cheese and 1993's Pork Soda must-haves for rock completists and left-of-center music listeners. Led by bassist Les Claypool, the group went on hiatus in 2001, returned in 2003 with a DVD/EP, but have only toured sporadically since then.

Well, nostalgists unite! Primus are returning with Green Naugahyde, their first album in eight years. Having reunited with former drummer Jay Lane, who left before the band released their debut album, Claypool's still got more to say. Think the group's changed? We present to you Naugahyde song titles: "Jilly's on Smack," "Last Salmon Man" and "Moron TV," to name a few.

Wanna listen to the whole thing for free? You'll have to head over to, of all places, "South Park's" Facebook page (guess Trey and Matt are fans, which surprises us ZERO).

Green Naugahyde is out Sept. 13.

+ Listen to Primus' Green Naugahyde.