Remembering The 10th Anniversary Of Sept. 11

Credit: Getty Images

Usually we try to keep Buzzworthy a fun, happy place. We write about pop music in a way that we hope is funny, welcoming and entertaining. Most days we try to provide a diversion from whatever it is may be going on in our lives or in the lives of others that we need a small respite from. We know there are very real things going on in the world, like divided countries, divided families, people who lack clean drinking water, and wars. Things that really matter. And we know those are the things that are bigger than the latest guilty pleasure dance song or viral video.

The gravity of Sept. 11, 2001, and its resounding effect not just on New York City (where we live and work) but on the rest of the country and, in so many countless ways, on the rest of the world, looms too large not to acknowledge.

No matter where you live, who you believe should be in office or what, if any, religious affiliation you have, Sept. 11 reminds us to take time out and reflect on those who were lost on that tragic day and in the resulting wars and to not take even the smallest, most mundane second for granted.

A few of the ways we're remembering Sept. 11: New York Magazine's comprehensive collection of essays and reflections upon 9/11. VH1 will be airing "The Concert For New York City: 10 Years Later," commercial-free in its entirety on Sunday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET. You can also watch the show online at beginning at 4 p.m. ET. We were also moved by Andrew Jenks' short film "Millennials Will Never Forget," featuring some of our friends here at MTV remembering that tragic day as well as its aftermath on their generation. MTV Hive's taking a look at how the music community responded to 9/11. Wooster Collective's "Project Brave"  remembers 9/11 by a life-size mural in Brooklyn. And we've also watched Iraq war blogger Matt Gallagher's MTV News interview and the 9/11 Day's "I Will" campaign tributes that have come in from around the world.