New Video: Ying Yang Twins, 'Big Butts'

Credit: Getty Images

Thank everything that is holy for the Ying Yang Twins. Not only did they bring us the lyrical masterpiece that is "Wait (The Whisper Song)," featuring words we can't really print here, but now they're back, reigniting the rear end-appreciating flame that Sir Mix-a-Lot lit back in the early '90s with his classic "Baby Got Back." We just don't have enough songs about tushes, guys. Never enough tush songs!!!!

Not only are the Ying Yang Twins sharing their song with us, but we're also lucky enough to experience the new video for "Big Butts." And if you thought it might be a David Lynch-inspired existential vignette shot film noir style, well, sorry to break it to ya -- the video is straight-up big butts. Everywhere! Big butts walking down the street! Big butts in a store! Big butts in a gas station! Some of the big butts are censored. Some of the big butts are in shorts. Some of the big butts are in pants... or some kind of material that was wrongfully sold to its owner as "pants."

Before you laugh or cry or have a very confusing mixed reaction to this video, you should know that all the proceeds from the single "Big Butts" go toward the USAFE Project in an effort to fight HIV/AIDS. The Ying Yang Twins have managed to do what very few other artists have -- explicitly sing about large cabooses while simultaneously fighting disease. Again, thank all that is holy for the Ying Yang Twins.

+ Watch Ying Yang Twins' "Big Butts." (NSFW!)