New Video: Diamond Rings, 'You And Me'

Toronto-based artist and musician John O single-handedly makes up the indie outlet and catchy pop song factory that is Diamond Rings. After hitting the road with Robyn this summer, John O found some time to make a new video for his latest single, "You And Me," and in it he explores the importance (and utter adorableness) or pure imagination.

The clip opens with two grade school-aged kids playing dress up in the field in front of their school. Three bullies come along and try to eff with them in a major way (rude!), but the kids escape into a forest/abandoned train yard to continue their rousing round of dress up. Night falls as the kids dance and start a bonfire, when John O himself shows up to lead everyone who's joined the party down a fantasy fun vortex (or something). Dancing solo in the dark with nothing but the light of lasers, John O sings, "Our heads are feeling lighter/Our legs weak at the knees/So come on, hold me tighter/Let's shine brighter/Let's be you and me." Think "Where The Wild Things Are," plus "Stand By Me," with a little dash of Burning Man, minus the drugs.

"You And Me" is the newest single off of Diamond Rings' 2010 release Special Affections.

+ Watch Diamond Rings, "You And Me."