Kelly Rowland Sings 'The Little Mermaid' In The Shower!

Credit: Getty Images

Fans looking for an acoustic performance by Kelly Rowland have sorta lucked out thanks to the "Motivation" singer's personal assistant, Susan Hee-Yoon Cho. A recent video posted on Kelly's Tumblr reveals Susan secretly catching the AMAZING rendition of "The Little Mermaid's" "Part Of Your World" while an unknowingly Kelly showers, proving that bathroom acoustics are always the best.

Calm down, folks. Kelly's shower video is TSFW (Totally Safe For Work). In between Kelly's assistant's whispers and giggles, the short clip catches Rowland's powerhouse pipes belting out the tune like she's performing on a Broadway stage. One word: FLAWLESS. Maybe she's rehearsing the show tune to perform on the F.A.M.E tour with Chris Brown, or maybe she's just like the rest of us in the shower and likes to sing while exfoliating? Stars, they're just like us -- but can sing better while shaving their legs.

Adorably, Kelly shouts "I'm a black mermaid" when Susan busts her. So cute! Kelly, we expect you to be in full mermaid regalia at your next show.

+ Watch Kelly Rowland sing "Part Of Your World" in the shower!