Watch Justin Timberlake's Surprise Acoustic Performance At NYC's Southern Hospitality

Credit: Getty Images

It's official: Justin Timberlake is a Renaissance Man. He acts in movies, kinda runs for president, fixes cars (we made that up) and surprises folks with impromptu performances... at his own restaurant! Talent hoarder!

A recent fan video surfaced of the "SexyBack" singer surprising his diners and pairing up with FreeSol (a band signed by JT) at his restaurant, Southern Hospitality, in NYC this week. Donning a fedora, Justin serenades a shocked crowd with some classics including, a low-key rendition of "What Goes Around," while fans gather to sing along. Everyone in the restaurant instantly whips out their cell phones to get JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE PLAYING MUSIC AGAIN (!!!) on video.

Not going to lie, I'd probably drop my fried chicken if Justin Timberlake showed up to play me some songs in the middle of my meal. Actually, who am I kidding, I'd probably keep eating the chicken and just sing with my mouth full. #classy

If this is the only way we're are going to be able to see Justin Timberlake "in concert" any time soon, then I'm eating out every night of the week. It's been more than five years since we've heard new tunes from JT -- we're seriously hungry for more.

+ Watch Justin Timberlake's and FreeSol's impromptu performance at Southern Hospitality, in NYC.