Beyonce Takes Fans Behind The Scenes On The Set Of Her 'Pulse' Fragrance Commerical

Credit: Getty Images

If anyone thought Beyoncé was going to be the "I'm pregnant so I'm not going to lift a finger for the next nine months" kind of mom-to-be, they be triflin'. Like any other career mom, Bey's got a ton of things to do before the little bundle of HIP-HOP ROYALTY arrives -- like film a commercial for her fragrance Pulse, which launches in the U.S. this month. (Stars! Just like us!)

The behind-the-scenes video offers a tiny peek of the upcoming commercial as the "Best Thing I Never Had" singer narrates her fragrance and style intentions. Clips show her looking typically fierce in slicked back hair and a metallic gown as she describes the aroma as "vibrant, citrus." Those must be code words for "godlike" and "perfection."

Her style obsession continues when Bey shows us a glittery, 6-inch stiletto, followed by a close-up of her BLEEDING FOOT after wearing the heels during filming (!!!). If that's not enough to appease your couture addiction, the clip shows racks (and racks and racks!) of dresses, shoes and accessories sprawled everywhere, proving that Beyoncé doesn't mess around when it comes to getting dressed.

With that kind of attention to fashion detail, we can only hope the next project on her agenda is maybe a baby clothing line? CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?! BRB, breathing into a paper bag.

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