Lady Gaga's Unveils "Haus Of Ü" Fashion Film + Possible Billionth Alter Ego

Credit: Getty Images

If we can expect anything from Lady Gaga, it's unexpected wardrobes. Whether it's meat dresses or going dude for a day, Mother Monster designs the best Halloween costumes has established herself as a fashion tastemaker, and she's even won awards to prove it. So it wasn't exactly a surprise when we learned the "Born This Way" singer announced that she had a hand in art direction for a five-film fashion project.

The first installation of "Haus of Ü" featuring Nymph (another Lady Gaga alter ego?!) offers a two-minute clip of Gaga in one of her simplest looks to date. Filmed in black and white, the silky slip and minimal makeup shows Gaga at her most vulnerable, as there's not an eccentric costume in sight. As "Yoü And I" plays in the background, the singer poses like a ballerina in slow motion. Close-ups highlight innocent stares while wind tosses her hair, and for a second you begin to forget that this is the same woman that once wore a dress made out of Kermit the Frog puppet heads. As "Haus of Ü" comes to an end, bursts of color begin shading in the monochromatic palette as if to tell a story of rebirth or new life. Metaphors, guys!

A part of us wants to scream, "Chill on the get-ups, Lady Gaga! You're naturally beautiful!" The other half can't wait to see what's to come. And with four more films headed our way, we're guessing this is only the beginning for Nymph. What's next, wings? She's already got a cocoon handy.

+ Watch Lady Gaga's first "Haus Of Ü" fashion film, featuring Nymph.