Star Spotting: This Justin Timberlake Wax Figure For President!

Credit: Madame Tussuads, New York

A Justin Timberlake wax mannequin was recently unveiled at Madame Tussuads Wax Museum in New York and they've weirdly decided to nominate the hunk to run for president of the U.S. of A. (???) If announcing his candidacy for the 2012 presidential election is what's been keeping the "What Goes Around" singer's new tunes on the DL, dude gets our vote.

This seems like the best political move ever. Imagine "Sexy Back" as the new national anthem, presidential addresses that include choreography, and major plans to lower the deficit (we gotta throw some serious stuff in to the mix, guys). Added bonus: Jessica Biel as First Lady. Hottest. White House. Ever!

Actually, Justin Timberlake becoming president is not that unbelievable. JT went from boy band to solo artist to producer to movie star in like, three years. So when he's prez, his first order of business should be getting his face printed on money. That hot-ass grill on some dollars bills would definitely fix our budget crisis.  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!