Taylor Swift's 'Wonderstruck' Fragrance Ad Is Magical And Enchanted, Guys

Taylor Swift has been one busy gal. In between performing covers like Fall Out Boy's "Sugar We're Goin' Down" and dueting with Nicki Minaj while on tour, Tay somehow found time to adorn our necks, wrists, and that weird spot behind our knees via her new fragrance, Wonderstruck.

Looking gorgeous as usual in the ad, Taylor Swift is photographed in a lush forest with chandeliers randomly hanging from branches, because magic and fairy tales, duh! She's looking feminine and frilly donning a sparkly gown, a bold red lip and perfectly coiffed blonde locks. There's a definite enchanted/"Secret Garden" look happening here, and it's not just because Taylor Swift is the closest thing America has to a Pretty Pretty Princess. The "Sparks Fly" singer says that the inspiration for Wonderstruck comes from a line in her song "Enchanted" off of her Speak Now album, which was inspired by a brief meeting with Owl City's Adam Young. We hope he at least sent her flowers.

Damn. When I'm obsessed with a boy, I stalk them on Facebook. When Taylor Swift's obsessed, she writes a song manufactures a fragrance. Yo Adam, call this girl back.