Star Spotting: Wait, Are Demi Lovato and Tyler, The Creator Friends?

Credit: @F---Tyler

When rapper and VMA Best New Artist winner Tyler, The Creator recently tweeted "Demi Is Awesome" and posted this photo of him posing with Demi Lovato at the VMAs, we were kind of confused. Are the two of them are like, friends? Seems like THE weirdest pairing in the world. Demi's this tender pop singer while Tyler is part of a hip-hop collective called ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL. Um, thinking of these two chillin' is like imagining a kitten playing in a piranha tank.

But that's the thing about the VMAs, guys -- anything can happen! Women become men, people get pregnant and BFFs can form from complete opposite music genres. Demi's smirk says, "Homeboy for life!" while YOU KNOW Tyler's all, "Holy F***, I Get To Pose With This F****** Hottie? Holy F***."

Seriously, though, do you think Demi Lovato and Tyler, The Creator like, exchanged numbers or something? Do they hang out on Friday nights, play Mall Madness and share popcorn while they watch romcoms? I don't hope for a lot in this life, but I do hope for that.