Kanye West Might Be Beyonce's Baby's Godfather?! We Made A GIF For The Occasion

Credit: Getty Images

Sorry to keep talking about Beyoncé being pregnant... ACTUALLY, NOPE, NOT SORRY AT ALL. Guys, I can't stop thinking about it! How far along is she?! How many pregnancy tests did she take?! How did she tell Jay-Z?! Can we get an MTV News special on this, please?! For those of you who are like me and are already assembling your altar to Bey and Jay's perfect fetus, here's another piece of the pregnancy pie we've uncovered today -- Kanye West might be named the godfather of the lil' nugget!!!!!

Um, hellloooooo, are we the only ones thinking that Yeezy has been waiting for the title of "Godfather" for, oh, HIS ENTIRE LIFE? He's probably making a diamond-encrusted "Godfather" grill as I type, or like, buying 5,000 shares of Cristal in his new goddaughter or godson's name. Also, the christening (if there is one)?! You know that s*** is gonna be like, in outer space or something. You will literally have to take a rocket to get there. A Hummer rocket. A platinum Hummer rocket that only takes premium.

Even though Kanye West becoming little Jayoncé's godfather is not actually confirmed, we can't help but ruminate over the possibilities. Dude raps about women and cars and ice and watches and 100s like he's stocking up for a hurricane or something. How's a newborn gonna change his rap game? My Beautiful Dark Twisted BabyBjorn? I guess we'll find out soon enough, but in the meantime, here's a GIF: