Beyonce’s Baby (!!!), Katy Perry’s Mom Dance + Lady Gaga Goes Guy On Bigger Than The Buzz!

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Coming at you from L.A. post-VMAs is this week’s episode of “Bigger Than The Buzz“! Buzzworthy’s very own Tamar Anitai and MTV News’ James Montgomery sat down to discuss big VMA news and surprises in episode 6 of the most hilarious short-form pop culture web show to ever hit the internet in all of eternity. (Just my completely objective opinion.)

Up first, THE COOLEST BABY EVER!!!! In case you missed it, Beyoncé announced her pregnancy at this year’s VMAs, first on the red carpet and then officially at the end of her performance of “Love On Top.” As expected, the audience went crazy, and don’t even get me started on the cut to Jay-Z after Beyoncé rubbed her belly. I will cry real tears in front of you. Do not even.

In addition to the Beyoncé/Jay-Z news that almost broke Twitter, at the VMAs we also found out that Katy Perry dances like your mom. No, seriously — there is video evidence of Katy Perry dancing to Beyoncé’s performance, and she’s doing the adorable “I’m not really sure how I should be moving right now because this song is kind of mid-tempo so I’m just going to step from side to side and clap my hands” dance. Oh, and she’s wearing a block on her head, so like, WATCH THE VIDEO.

And of course, what kind of VMA wrap-up show would this week’s “Bigger Than The Buzz” be if Tamar and James didn’t discuss Lady Gaga going full-on DUDE. Lady Gaga showed up to the VMAs (and stayed that way for the entire evening) as Jo Calderone, her male alter ego (and Adam Goldberg’s seriously uncanny doppelgänger). And it turns out homeboy is a playaaaah. Kissing Britney Spears AND rubbing up on Snooki? Be careful, Jo. Lady Gaga’s s*** list is not one we want to be on.



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