10 Things To Know Now: Bieber's Fender Bender, Nicki Minaj's Alter Ego + Beyonce Baby Predictions

Credit: PictureGroup

1.) Justin Bieber was in a minor fender bender, BUT EVERYTHING IS OK, GUYS! This is why we wear our seat belts, kids! Justin's OK, but his Ferrari needs some fixing. (Hollywood Life)

2.) After winning a VMA for Best Hip-Hop Video, Nicki Minaj is ready to get back to work, and even talks about a new album with yet another alter ego. Maybe her alternate personality will wear just jeans and tees? (Entertainment Weekly)

3.) Speaking of multiple personalities, Lady Gaga, er, um, Jo Calderone, had a photo shoot with infamous photog, Terry Richardson. Dude (lady?) is looking hot. (MTV Style)

4.) Leona Lewis' official video for "Collide" has surfaced. If this is what a British invasion would look like, we surrender. (Pop Dust)

5.) If YouTube-ing "firecrackers to the crotch" is your cup of tea (and how could it not be?), then Rob Dyrdek's new show, "Ridiculousness," will be your new BFF. (MTV Remote Control)

6.) It's time to head back to school! "Glee" addicts can get their fix with recently released behind-the-scenes and promo videos for season three. (Idolator)

7.) David Guetta's collabo-packed album, Nothing But the Beat, dropped yesterday. The French DJ talks about the new record and a similarly named documentary he's featured in. (Arjan Writes)

9.) The "Dancing With The Stars" lineup has been officially announced. With names like Rob Kardashian and Ricki Lake, there's some major competition. But we're placing our bets on "The Hills'" Kristen Cavallari! (MTV News)

9.) Lil' Mama's back! The lip gloss-popping rapper's break offered her time to discover a new sound and a few new shades of lipstick. (That Grape Juice)

10.) While our dream of getting an invite to Beyoncé's baby shower may never come true, we can still devote our time making predictions about Bey's and Jay-Z's baby. (Funny Or Die)