Lady Gaga May Or May Not Have Worn A Prosthetic Penis To The VMAs

You saw the convincing greaser hair and the stained guy's T-shirt, but there might have been an extra ingredient to Lady Gaga's VMA attire that you did not see -- Lady Gaga may or may not have worn a prosthetic penis to the VMAs to complete her female-to-male transformation from Lady Gaga to her alter ego, Jo Calderone. Initiate pun overload.

According to Us Weekly, Lady Gaga's Jo Calderone getup at the VMAs not only included sideburns, fake stubble and men's slacks, but also a prosthetic penis. We have to say, though, we were at the VMAs and didn't see anything suspicious going on in Jo's pants, but then again, we didn't look. It's really not our business!

Lady Gaga's creative director Laurieanne Gibson spoke to MTV News about why Gaga chose to attend the VMAs as Jo Calderone and Jo Calderone only: "I hope people take the fearlessness away [and] the creative notion that we constantly push boundaries, that we're not followers."

A follower Lady Gaga is not! We definitely get that! Considering Lady Gaga seamlessly integrated fake horns onto her head and wore actual meat to last year's VMA, we'd applaud Lady Gaga if she went all in and committed to Jo Calderone by packing some faux heat.