WTF Alert: INSANE Video Animates The Birth Of Beyonce And Jay-Z's Baby

Credit: Getty Images

There's just no other way to say this: Everyone has LOST THEIR EFFING MINDS over Beyoncé and her pregnancy. In case you missed it, after her incredible performance of "Love On Top" at Sunday's 2011 VMAs, Beyoncé unveiled her baby bump to the world! A hip-hop royalty baby is on the waaaayyyy!!!! (I'm a little excited, too.)

Given the magnitude of this kind of announcement, we understand a certain degree of chaos. Beyoncé basically broke Twitter when after her announcement, her pregnancy set the Twitter record for most tweeted-about topic per second! The kid isn't even born yet, and it's making headlines! But his/her mom is Beyoncé, and the dad is Jay-Z, so like, MOST AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED BABY OF ALL TIME!

But perhaps the most tangible display of Beyoncé baby fever comes from the folks at, known for their bizarre, highly literal (and often completely fictionalized -- see their Steve Jobs video -- video animations of famous events like the JetBlue flight attendant who jumped ship (er... plane) and Conan O'Brien's return to TV. The animated, highly satirical, slightly inappropriate video brings us to the birth of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's baby, and it features Nicki Minaj as the nanny (?!), Jay-Z personally delivering his child (who obviously pops out of Beyoncé's womb wearing a glowing halo) and the new parents discussing potential names for their baby like "Lil Hov," and of course "Destiny's Child."

There's much more WTF-ery within this animated video that we could literally go on for hours. But instead we think you should start counting down the days until Beyoncé gives birth by watch the video for yourself.

+ Watch the animated video of Beyoncé's birth, and see Beyoncé reveal her pregnancy during her "Love On Top" performance at the 2011 VMAs!