Taylor Swift And Nicki Minaj Tear Up 'Super Bass' Together Live On Stage

Credit: Getty

Taylor Swift has been pumping out covers on her "Speak Now" tour over the last couple of months, so it was no surprise when the "Back to December" singer busted out with the opening line to Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" while performing this weekend at L.A.'s Staple Center. What fans weren't expecting, though, was an actual appearance from the VMA winner (Best Hip-Hop Video, holla!) in the flesh! After grabbing a Moonman at the VMAs, Minaj dashed across the street (as fast she could in that crazy-ass outfit) to make a little appearance on stage with Swift.

The fan video shows the audience going wild as Taylor Swift drops the opening lines of the hit: "This one is for the boys with the booming systems..." And even though Swift's cover of the song would have pleased the crowd on its own, Nicki Minaj herself then steps out of the shadows and takes over while Swift tosses her hair and dances along. Taylor sneaks in a few lines, but like a pro, Nicki dominates the song. Also, most random VMA after party ever?

The way Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj seem so comfortable on stage with each other makes us feel like they've done this before. Or maybe the two have a secret plan and are working on a collabo!? Pink Friday + Speak Now? Speak Friday? With special appearance by Rebecca Black!? Quick, someone do a mashup!

+ Watch Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj perform "Super Bass."

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