2011 VMAs: Watch Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Katy Perry Dancing Like A Mom!

Credit: FilmMagic

You know, for someone who is considered such a sex symbol, it's kind of ironic (AND VERY GRATIFYING) that when no one's watching, Katy Perry kind of dances like your mom. We have video proof! Thanks to MTV's All Access cameras that were set up all around the Nokia Theatre L.A. during the 2011 VMAs, we have an exclusive look into the unique dancing styles of Katy Perry that she was practicing during Beyoncé's live performance of "Love On Top." And by "unique" I mean, "Wait, does she seriously dance like that? TRIUMPH!"

It could have been that GIANT BLOCK ON HER HEAD that was hindering her moves, but from the looks of this exclusive vid, Katy Perry could maybe use an Amazon gift card so she could pick up some of Carmen Electra's instructional DVDs or something. We love you Katy, and we know what a goofball you can be, but when Beyoncé's performing, the swingy elbow dance thing is not what you're supposed to do!!

+ Watch "VMA All Access: Katy Perry's Rhythm" and watch Katy's version of "getting down." And then stand up a little straighter today knowing that even the Video Of The Year winner has a hard time looking cool sometimes.