Justin Bieber Photobombs Katy Perry & Russell Brand At The VMAs In The Best PHOTOBOMB EVAR!!!

Credit: PictureGroup

IDK if any of y'all noticed that Justin Bieber seemed kind of somber last night at the 2011 VMAs. The camera cut to him several times throughout the show, and he just didn't seem his usual self. I thought maybe it was a case of the sadz or like, maybe his leopard print high-tops were too tight. I DON'T KNOW, PEOPLE, I'm not a mind reader.

I'm also wrong, apparently, because according to this photo, Justin Bieber was having a damn good time. Video Of The Year winner (w00t!!) Katy Perry and husband Russell Brand were seated in front of Bieber in the audience and posing for what would have been a totally dece photo for the couple's fireplace mantel or a bedroom dresser... until Justin Bieber PHOTOBOMBED the hell out of it! Seriously! Look at that face!

We're glad to see you weren't actually sad last night, Biebs. And that you are still a goofy teenager. Also, commence internet Bieber Photobomb Memegate 2011 NOW.