Remembering Michael Jackson

Credit: Getty Images

There's not much we can say about the late Michael Jackson today on what would have been the King Of Pop's 53rd birthday that has not already been said. He's a source of endless inspiration for today's musicians young and old, and his influence can be felt in nearly every genre of music. You can put a quarter in any jukebox in the country, select "Billie Jean," and have a bar full of friends within five minutes. Michael Jackson's music isn't just entertainment; it's a connecting force.

Instead of recapping everything he's done for the music industry, for pop music and the sequined glove market (single-handedly... get it?), we invite you to share your favorite memories of Michael Jackson and what you're doing to remember the pop music icon. I'll start: "The Way You Make Me Feel." On repeat. All day.

Happy birthday, Michael Jackson! To put it simply, thanks.

+ Let us know your favorite Michael Jackson memories in the comments below, including your favorite songs, performances and pop culture moments that you'll always remember.