Beyonce Performs 'Love on Top' At 2011 VMAs

Beyonce performed her bouncy, soulful "Love On Top" from her latest album 4 at the 2011 VMAs, though it was her actions after the song that'll have you talking in the morning. (I. E. She's pregnant!!!!!!)

With a dozen back-up singers in tow, Beyonce belted a triumphant version of the standout track from 4. Dressed in black pants and pink sequined jacket, the singer slowly made her way toward the middle of center stage. After finishing "Love on Top," Bey dropped her mic purposefully onto the stage, opened up her jacket and proudly rubbed her belly, confirming pregnancy rumors that surrounded the singer all night.

As Kanye West hugged Bey's husband Jay-Z in the crowd (flanked by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett), Jay couldn't contain his beaming smile now that the world knows the news. On Watch The Throne's "New Day," Jay spends his verse rhyming to his "hypothetical" unborn child. Wonder if he knew something we didn't when writing that verse.

+ Watch Beyonce perform "Love On Top" at the 2011 VMAs.