Pitbull Shows You How To Merengue, Shares His Love For His Mom Backstage At VMA Rehearsals

Pitbull goes by Mr. Worldwide, and at this point he's earned his nickname. His VMA-nominated single, "Give Me Everything," from his US-chart-topping Planet Pit album, is a monster hit in both the U.S. and U.K. and has earned him enough international gold and platinum to fill a 747. (Normally I'd say G6, but they're actually not that large, though I'm confident Pit could afford one with his Seacrest money.) Oh yeah. And that's not even counting the mind-reeling number of units his Rebelution album sold.

But in the few minutes I spent interviewing Pitbull backstage during VMA rehearsals, he wasted no time making me feel like the only living girl in the world, if I may take the liberty of quoting Rihanna. You guys, the man is slicker than black ice. He is hypnotically enamoring without any of the smarm and all of the charm. And that's not just good stage presence. Dude has a gift.

+ Watch Pitbull share his love for his mom after the jump.

Sure, Pitbull showed me how to use the Merengue to get up next to girls in the club -- I LOVE when he does what I call "The Pitbull Dance" and had to ask him how it's done, so enjoy me dancing like a total white girl in the video below). And yes, he kissed me (in a polite, non-creeper way, thank you very much) like five times during and after the interview. And yes, his roaring hit, "Give Me Everything," centers around drinking too much and heading home with the nearest willing club-goer. But don't reduce Pitbull to all party all the time. There's a reason he's so sweet. And that reason is the most important woman in his life: his mother.

Knowing that he was raised by his single mother who he's bonded to so tightly he has a tattoo of her birth date and another tattoo -- this one in Chinese characters that translate to "do it for Mom" -- I asked Pitbull if his mom would be watching him perform at the VMAs on Sunday.

"I'm sure she'll be watching," Pitbull said. "She taught me so much, made me such a strong individual and empowered me so much. I know she's gonna be watching, and I know she's very proud of me. I wanna say thank you very much because a woman made me the man I am today, so thank you mom. I love you."

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