MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Jessie J

23-year-old UK singer Jessie J may be a new name, but she's got a long history. Starting her career at age 11 in various London musicals, the BRITS school alum (the same school that boasts Adele, Katy B and Amy Winehouse as graduates) began her career as a songwriter, penning tracks for Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus. "Do It Like a Dude," her first single, was originally pegged for Rihanna, but the singer turned it into an UK hit. Who You Are, J's debut album, would follow in January of this year.

We've got interviews, music videos and live performances to show you all sides of the performer. After a quick intro vid in which Jessie J is dubbed "Act most likely to save pop" by one website (no pressure or anything), find out when people first realized she had a loud voice and when she knew her hobby could be her career. Then follow the singer as she gamely tries to impress a group of jaded New Yorkers on the subway, arguably the toughest crowd in America.

The fashion icon also takes you shopping, trying on different outfits and discussing what style means to her. "Style should not have a brand," says Jessie J. "It should be what makes you feel comfortable. Style is most fun for me when i have a stage performance because there's no limits or boundaries... I like looking like a superhero."

Finally, check out live performances of "Nobody's Perfect" and "Who You Are" followed by the official videos for "Price Tag" and "Who's Laughing Now." Now go impress your friends with your newfound knowledge.

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