New Song: Mac Miller, 'Cold Feet'

Fans of "Fab 5" alum Mac Miller probably already follow him on Twitter, but if not, the Pittsburgh rapper's been dangling some carrots to potential followers. For every 100,000 new followers, Miller releases an extra track not found on his upcoming debut album Blue Slide Park. After hitting the 800,000 mark, the 19-year-old dropped "Cold Feet," a brisk, cosmic track that should satiate fans until Blue Slide's release.

Produced by rising Baltimore producer Clams Casino, "Cold Feet" showcases the best use of a whistle sound effect since Juelz Santana's "There It Go (The Whistle Song)." "I rap better 'cause I'm mad clever," Miller starts the one-verse song. We can't argue with that. Miller mostly rhymes about girls in a way that would make his parents blush -- the higher-ups banned us from repeating the lyrics -- but finds time to pay tribute to his favorite medicinal herb. Priorities!

Blue Slide Park is scheduled for release this fall via Rostrum Records.

+ Listen to Mac Miller's "Cold Feet."