Star Spotting: Demi Lovato In A Sweatshirt Riding A Bike, Still Somehow Looks Rad

Credit: Pacific Coast News

Demi Lovato is seriously becoming the epitome of cool, guys. Not only is everyone losing their marbles over the epic-ness that is her new single "Skyscraper" (as they should!), but she recently just threw herself a glam rock birthday party, revealed her beautiful Unbroken album cover art, and now we see her in this photo riding her bike (a cruiser, too!) to a diner in L.A. yesterday. Also, the sunglasses? Come on. Commence girl crush.

Also, let's talk about the fact that Demi is wearing a freaking sweatshirt and it still somehow looks California cool and casual on her. Why does this not happen for me? Maybe I'm investing in the wrong cotton pieces, because most of my sweatshirts look like Cosby sweaters. Spill your lounge chic secrets, Demi! And send me the link to where you got those shades.